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The Steven Swancoat Story


About the Artist:


  Steven Swancoat is a 31-year-old full time Ob/Gyn physician and artist living in New York City’s TriBeCa. Steven moved to New York in July 2010 as a medical student where his father encouraged him to “give art a try”. Starting with photography and shortly after picking up the brush for the first time, Steven never imagined how his life would change forever.   


  In just six years as a self-taught photographer and painter, he has had multiple exhibitions, featured on Bravo Television, various magazines and raised over $22,000 towards various charities using his artwork. Notably, in 2014 following the Winter Olympics  he was commissioned to make painting series for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Also he hosted an Art show & fundraiser with Susan Sarandon’s and her Ping Pong Club SPiN in New York City. She too now has a piece of Swancoat’s artwork in her private collection.

 In 2015, after moving into a new Downtown apartment with outdoor terraces that looked up at the beautiful night sky, Steven’s girlfriend got him a telescope for their 6-month anniversary. What started out as a hobby turned into obsession. One telescope soon became 10 and he went from looking through the telescope to trying to photograph through the telescope. Though a demanding and difficult learning curve, Steven had developed a new passion. One that kept him up many nights until the wee hours of the morning.

“Honestly, in my opinion astrophotography is more difficult than medicine. Not only do you need to learn to master sophisticated equipment, software and the imaging process, but you have to battle against the weather and in New York City, buildings. Often, many of nights, I only have a very short period of time from minutes to few hours to capture the images I want. Especially when an astronomical event comes around once every 10 to 20 years, you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity”.


On top of his artwork and charitable efforts, Swancoat has resided as a board member for New York’s Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, has authored & co-authored numerous medical research papers, and is currently pursuing patents and designs for his medical and astronomy inventions.   

Collaborative Art Partner - PopNeoism -  Tripp Derrick Barnes

   In December 2012 Tripp moved into his new 74th and Columbus apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. He quickly learned of his artist and ob/gyn resident neighbor Steven Swancoat. After befriending each other, Steven encouraged Tripp to do an abstract on his closet door... it was the start of their first collaboration. After a couple more paintings together, they soon realized the potential they had working as one. Combined, they make an excellent team, with a seamless approach to creativity. In some ways they are similar, others completely different. Though what is clear is that when they put their minds together, magic happens. It's already been a thrilling ride for them both, yet it's still in the beginning phases. Let the vivid imagery of Tripp and Swancoat's "PopNeoism" bring you happiness and excitement!

Steven Swancoat and Tripp Derrick Barnes in Central Park

Tripp and Swancoat painting in New York's Central Park, only two blocks away from their UWS Studio's

Steven Swancoat Tripp Derrick Barnes popneoism photoshoot

Behinds the scenes at a PopNeoism photoshoot with Tripp & Swancoat

Behinds the scenes at a PopNeoism photoshoot with Tripp & Swancoat

Tripp Derrick Barnes

  Tripp Derrick Barnes is 26 years old, born in Columbia, South Carolina and was raised as a true southern gentleman. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design and found his true passion at the age of 20 because of a required Life Drawing class.


After graduating, Tripp traveled the globe alone, visiting over 16 countries through four continents. He studied culture, worked with locals, and took interest in helping children less fortunate. The experience shed a positive light upon him. In 2012, he moved to New York City to work on films such as “The Dark Knight” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Shortly after, he took positions at advertising giants GREY and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal while pursuing his love of the arts. It's here where he began to acquire a following, which helped launch him as a full time artist.


 Within a year of his first painting in the city, he has been featured on Good Morning America and done personal portraits for celebrities such as Andy Cohen and Ernest Greene from the band Washed Out.Tripp and his collaborative partner Steven Swancoat have founded their own form of art style coined "PopNeoism". Together with their team of 11 people have raised over $8,000 in charity. PopNeoism and it's audience has been expanding at an exponential rate. It’s a very exciting time... stay tuned!


You can view Tripp's most recent work and progress through his Instagram account @Tripp_Art or website at

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