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   Art of Steven Swancoat


    "Inspired by the world surrounding me, pop culture, beauty, political events, I aim to create art that captures emotions is esthetically appealing and something people can relate to yet sometimes question. Some of my paintings come in series such as my "Iconic", "Occupy" or "27 and Tragic Series", others are just a manifestation of a moment of creative bliss.               To commission a painting please email   


"Marilyn of the Stars and Stripes" 36in x 36 in



"The Colorful Johnny" 48 x 60 in

"The Untitiled Pour Painting No. 1" 48 x 60 in

"Painting No. B" 48 x 60 in

"The Radiant Paul Newman" 16 x 20 in


"Diamonds are Forever" 36 x 48 in

"Bleeding for Freedom" 36 x 48 in

Commissioned Painting

"Not Edie" 16 x 20 in

Swancoat & Tripp Derrick Collaboration

"The Radiant Champion" 20 x 24 in

Swancoat & Tripp Derrick Collaboration


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