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The Photography of Steven Swancoat


     "What most people don't realize was I actually started off with photography. Though only a few months later I picked up the paintbrush and started painting for the first time in my life.   I continue to go back and forth between picking up and putting down the camera.  Although I rarely publicly display my photography, it was what initially propelled me to not only pursue art but to keep going at it."



Steven Swancoat Photography: Taxi on Columbus Ave
Steven Swancoat Amsterdam Photo, girl wih pink umbrella
Ice Skating in Central Park, Trump Rink
Swancoats Blue Empire State Building
Dumbo and the Bridge by Steven Swancoat
New Years Eve Bride in Central Park
Dumbo from Brooklyn Bridge
Swancoat Cinque Terre Manarola
Central Park Bridge on Christmas Day, by Steven Swancoat
Christmas Day photographer in Central Park by Steven Swancoat
Red Bicycle in Amsterdam by Swancoat
Jupiter and Washington Monument
Alcatrac Hallway by Swancoat
Sunset in MontegoBay, Round Hill by Swancoat
Boats and the City in Central Park
A Swancoat New York City  Freeze Frame
San Remo at Dusk by Swancoat
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