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 What's PopNeoism ??


  PopNeoism evolved from Steven and Tripp’s collaborative work over the past year. It was a term that was incidenctly coined when trying to describe their modern art work. Its reference is to their combination of abstract expressionism, icons of Pop Art and stencil use of todays biggest street artists. 


Tripp is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design who recently left the film industry becoming a full-time artist. He was recently featured on Good Morning America Live. Steven is a self-trained artist and Ob/Gyn resident, a position that has helped him raise over $10,000 with his artwork for Ovarian Cancer Research and other non-profits.


Over the past year, the two have amassed a large and diverse following, a large portion of which are actively involved in philanthropy and support the two in their efforts to bettering the world through art. While the term Popneoism was coined to describe their new, exciting style of art-making, it has come to encompass the efforts of a growing group of unique, hard working, creative individuals who desire to help Tripp and Steven use art for common good.


Photo from recentTeam meeting, discussing our upcoming PopNeoism Art show & Fundraiser. Click here for more info on our event

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