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"Art Over Politics"

The Putin Paintings & the Story Behind them.















                                   Coming This Thursiday August, 14th to David Benrimon Fine Arts.

                                                     5pm - 9pm  730 5th Ave b/w 56th & 57th Street.


Click here to Download our  20 page "Art over Politics"  show booklet, including photos, secrets behind the paintings, interviews, photoshoots, and whats new in Swancoat's studio.


  This past February shortly after the Winter Olympics Steven Swancoat was commissioned to make a series of paintings for Russian President Vladimir Putin that would be hand delivered personally to him in Russia. The story is extremely fascinating. It turned out that one of Swancoat’s Ob/Gyn doctors, renowned maternal fetal medicine Dr. Boris Petrikovsky  is actually colleagues with Putin and, members together on a health board in Russia and participated as a team physician on the Russian Olympic Winter team.


What began as an initial jester / gift for Putin from Petrikovksy, has since turned into one of the most controversial issues not only in the media but now the art world. However, despite the controversy the decision was made to have a one time showing of this three part series for the general public before its shipped off to Russia most likely never to be seen again in the United States.


David Benrimon Fine Arts Gallery has been generous enough to host the exhibition in his new 5th Avenue Gallery space. Its an honor for Swancoat to be showing alongside the many Chagall’s and Botero’s that David normally hangs on his walls.


Please Join Steven, Dr. Petrikovsky and David for a one night showing of this phenomenal series of paintings. All we ask is to leave all “bias” & “pre-conceived” ideas at the door and simply approach the show from the basis of “art”, thus the name of the show.



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